BETWEEN TONING AND BLEACHING “Normal skin colour”???


Bisi turned to look at the lady hailing her, she could not place the face.

But I remember faces quite often, she mused to herself. And for her to call me “Bisistic 100”, definitely only secondary school peeps would call me that.

But this face…I can’t remember at all, she thought on.


Jenny had walked up to Bisi by now. Bisi on her part was trying to be friendly too, but her confused face failed her.

Haaa ha, senior Bisi, why are you looking like this? It is me, your junior babe then o. Try remember now..

Jenny babe. Jenifer James, Ethiopia house, 2006 set. Me, that..

Bisi remembered like a flash..

My goodness…jenny babe! Jenny babe, the one and only Jenny from Akwa Ibom. Jennyfinest 101!!!


I am sorry..come, come , come as she reached out to hug Jenifer.


But…what happened? You are now so light. You were a chocolate skinned lady in secondary school now. That was why I could not place your face now. What have you being using you this babe?


Leave that side Senior Bisi, I only used creams that moved me back to my normal skin color. I was only dark then because of boarding house stress. Now, I am back to my normal skin color.

And as a marketing professional, I need to look my best you know?


These unregulated creams due to chemicals in them can also lead to health conditions like;

Uneven colour loss (Yellow up, black down) redness and severe irritation, dark grey spots, acne (known as pimples), increase in appetite and weight gain, osteoporosis (gradual wearing out of the bones) Kidney cancers among others.

And some people also now use it for their babies just for the babies to look light and fine. Small children o, Haba!!

So, before you buy any cream, make sure it is endorsed by credible Association of dermatologists as safe before buying.

Be concerned about what goes on your skin just the way you will be bothered about what you eat. Is that clear sis?


Alright sis, I will think about it and do the needful.

With hugs, and hugs, the 2 friends tried to catch up on old times.

So what exactly is your “Normal Skin Colour”?

Okay, what creams have you being using that has moved you into your  “Normal skin color”?

Okay..I use “carrot oil, mixed with flower water mixed with organic shea butter cream mixed with.. ”

Jeniferrrrr, I am a consultant dermatologist specialized in skin diseases and I can tell you for free that all those your so called organic trends are full of harmful chemical that can increase your risk to poor health in the future.

You know when something suddenly becomes popular in Nigeria, it may be a sign of a problem.

These creams cannot even pass creaming tests to mouses and insects in developed countries.

Many of this so called organic creams are full of steroids such as hydrocortisone, hydroquinone, mercury, among other chemicals. These chemicals should not be taken into the body anyhow because of their effects.

For example,  for any cream, the hydroquinone level should NOT be above 2%, but for the popular skin lightening cream in Nigeria, some are even as high as 13%.

By: Dr. Noimot Abisola Balogun. Founder,





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