Join FasterCapital As  Female Entrepreneur

The biggest changes start with passion, initiative, and of course an opportunity that combines them all into a viable idea.

 Today is the time for a meeting between your idea and the opportunity we offer, as we’re opening the new women round which has started on 16.06.2019 and will continue until 15.07.2019. It’s time to change the world through your ideas.
Oyebamiji Adesoji Usman, one of FasterCapital Representative in Nigeria said;

FasterCapital is a virtual incubator based in Dubai Internet City. We help IT startups through our acceleration and incubation programs. FasterCapital was established in 2010 and our model has been publicly available since 2014. Fastercapital has 20 graduated startups that are fully functional now, around 26 startups in incubation program, 287+ startups in the acceleration program, 773+ represetatives/regional partners and 442 offices worldwide. FasterCapital has four rounds of funding per year that anyone can apply to them for free.

FasterCapital’s focus is on non-technical entrepreneurs who have good experience in one industry for over five years. Those entrepreneurs are not usually accepted in standard incubation programs and it is difficult for them to find the right technical co-founder. We will empower them by offering everything a standard incubator will offer plus becoming their co-funders and technical co-founders. We will be ready to build the product per equity and we are ready to invest between $200k-$2M per startup

Currently, FasterCapital has two main programs: – “Acceleration program”​ where we help startup in mentoring, business validation and financing – “Incubation program”​ where they provide all the advantages in acceleration program plus becoming a technical co-founder and co-investing up to 75% of the funding required. FasterCapital offers four round of funding per year where entrepreneurs can submit their startup and those accepted can join our “acceleration”​ or “incubation”​ programs for free and were established in 2010 by the name NextStep Systems.



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FasterCapital’s First Round of Funding 2019

Dubai, UAE, 21st March, 2019:

FasterCapital (a virtual incubator based in Dubai, UAE) has finished its first round of funding on 16th, March, 2019. FasterCapital has attracted more than 250 submissions from more than 60 countries. The results will be annouced in four weeks time.

This round is dedicated for startups interested in the incubation program where FasterCapital comes as a technical cofounder and invests up to 75% of the seed funding in each accepted startup.
FasterCapital closed the round with the annoucement of accepting a new innvovative startup from Australia (Bubble.Global) into its incubation program with an investment of usd 150,000.

FasterCapital is a virtual incubator based in Dubai Internet City, UAE. FasterCapital has more than 24 graduated startups, 25 startups in incubation program, 270 startups in the acceleration program plus more than 680 regional partners and repersentatives and 200 offices worldwide.

FasterCapital has invested more than 13 million USD since its creation in 2010.

FasterCapital has more than 100 internal developers with different skillsets who are already working on multiple projects.

Startups can apply to join our Virtual Incubator at:

Contact info
Name: Mr. Faisal Khamees
VP of Operations at FasterCapital
Phone: +971 5558 55663

Name: MR. Terry Crospy
Mentor & Investor at FasterCapital
Phone: (512) 400-0256

Name: Mr. Oyebamiji Adesoji Usman
FasterCapital’s representative in Nigeria
Phone: +2347036309859

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