The AR-driven app interacts with all the various buttons of the vehicle such as steering wheel, audio system, INFINITI control, air conditioning, parking brake, combination meter, lighting control, multi switch panel centre console, interior light, and security.

Credit: Techrader

Arabian Automobiles, the flagship firm of the AW Rostamani Group and the unique seller for INFINITI in Dubai, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates, introduced right this moment the launch of an AR app that goals to make the lives of INFINITI house owners so much simpler.

According to Techrader, INFINITI Driver’s Guide app uses Augmented Reality across various car models to display information that would usually be found buried in the pages of a thick car user manual. With the app, users simply point their phone at a particular button or section of the car to get detailed information of what the button does.


Getting to grips

Image by Digital trends

We hopped into the INFINITI QX30 to present the app a fast spin, and positive sufficient it did precisely what it was presupposed to do. You’ll must first do a one-time obtain in both English or Arabic for the automotive mannequin you personal, however after that you may merely faucet on the app after which level the digicam at any part of the automotive that you just want an evidence for.

As an instance, there was a yellow ‘A’ indicator on the dashboard, which utilizing the app we came upon was the indicator for the Idle Stop/Start. The app works greatest in shiny mild for the very best recognition, however will even flip in your cellphone’s flash to assist with detection. It takes slightly below two seconds for the app to acknowledge what you’re pointing at, and as promised you get a full description of what every button or perform does, saving you from thumbing via your automotive handbook in any respect.

The INFINITI Driver’s Guide app is at the moment out there for Q50, Q30/QX30 and QX50 with all different fashions now been updated.






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Join FasterCapital As  Female Entrepreneur

The biggest changes start with passion, initiative, and of course an opportunity that combines them all into a viable idea.

 Today is the time for a meeting between your idea and the opportunity we offer, as we’re opening the new women round which has started on 16.06.2019 and will continue until 15.07.2019. It’s time to change the world through your ideas.
Oyebamiji Adesoji Usman, one of FasterCapital Representative in Nigeria said;

FasterCapital is a virtual incubator based in Dubai Internet City. We help IT startups through our acceleration and incubation programs. FasterCapital was established in 2010 and our model has been publicly available since 2014. Fastercapital has 20 graduated startups that are fully functional now, around 26 startups in incubation program, 287+ startups in the acceleration program, 773+ represetatives/regional partners and 442 offices worldwide. FasterCapital has four rounds of funding per year that anyone can apply to them for free.

FasterCapital’s focus is on non-technical entrepreneurs who have good experience in one industry for over five years. Those entrepreneurs are not usually accepted in standard incubation programs and it is difficult for them to find the right technical co-founder. We will empower them by offering everything a standard incubator will offer plus becoming their co-funders and technical co-founders. We will be ready to build the product per equity and we are ready to invest between $200k-$2M per startup

Currently, FasterCapital has two main programs: – “Acceleration program”​ where we help startup in mentoring, business validation and financing – “Incubation program”​ where they provide all the advantages in acceleration program plus becoming a technical co-founder and co-investing up to 75% of the funding required. FasterCapital offers four round of funding per year where entrepreneurs can submit their startup and those accepted can join our “acceleration”​ or “incubation”​ programs for free and were established in 2010 by the name NextStep Systems.



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Creating something out of nothing in Indonesia

In Bojong Menteng subdistrict, Bekasi, West Java, the local residents collaborate with authorities to turn a lake into an aesthetically pleasing and affordable tourist spot, in which one does not need to pay to enter the lake area except for bamboo rafts which are available for rent and cost 70Udisability for adults and 35US cents for children above 3 years old while infants and people with disabilities, they are free.


Most of the visitors were women and their children, who walked about the rafts as their mothers took pictures, taking selfies at the gazebos and piers and by the lake’s main sign, which is made of recycled plastic bottles.


On of those things, I found passionate about Indonesians is that they can create something out of nothing regards wealth creation, their mind is similar to Chinese even one of the names I called my wife is “Chinese woman, “she looks more of a Chinese but she is a Javanese (the largest ethnic group in Indonesia).


The number of visitors on average varied from 500 on weekdays to 1,000 on weekends. There are a lot of similar initiatives across Indonesia, which have created jobs for the locals, likewise, a riverside village was turned into an amazing rainbow village in Malang, which attract both foreign and local tourists. This was initiated by students.



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Edves to release AItend for Schools, an AI powered sofware

Dimeji Falana, the Edves CEO announced that AItend for Schools, an artificial Intelligence school sofware is set to be release. Falana made the statement on his social media account on behalf of Edves,

With Computer Vision (AI), we can all see some deep things.

At Edves, we are making quick, deep and sensible use of Artificial Intelligence, and we shall release AItend for Schools to use in the next Academic session.

Edves Logo.

Edves is an edtech company based in Lagos Nigeria, the venture focuses on automation of brick and mortal School operations from Student enrollment, Fee Collection, Lesson Note up to Transcript Generation.


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Apply for Startup Nigeria 3-months incubation program and N2million Equity fund

Here’s an opportunity to apply for a 3-months incubation program & N2million in Equity funding from #StartupNigeria. Sign up @ Closes June 17th.

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Koosha Azim: New Editor-in-chief of Think Media Nigeria from California

The management of Think Media Nigeria has welcomed Koosha Azim of San Francisco Bay Area, California as he officially joins the Nigerian digital innovator’s team.

Think Media Nigeria pioneer, Oyebamiji Adesoji Usman disclosed this information yesterday on his Twitter page:

Koosha Azim will now head the tech start-up operations as the Editor-in-chief in the United State of America.

Think Media NG; aims at distributing information by empowering Africans through free tech news/content, webinars, conferences and events with tech professionals within the young continent. For the past year, this site has accumulated many African writers and is building a community around the viewership.

The Rupsure CEO makes a great statement on this development on his official website:

 I joined this initiative (as of June 2019) to bring my writing and management skills to the benefit of the African people. I have spent my life in a saturated tech bubble that is the San Francisco Bay Area, so investing time supporting a developing region is my pleasure. Africa has a plethora of potential tech entrepreneurs, and I hope I can link Western business minds to the bright future of Africa, particularly Nigeria.

As editors of this platform, Nurudeen Adeyemi, Oyebamiji Adesoji Usman, Fawaz Olamide and I seek to impact hundreds if not thousands of future African success stories.

We hope that Koosha Azim’s new engagement will help mentor and breed more techpreneurs in an emerging economy like Africa.

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Facebook Start Accelerator 2019 registration now open

Facebook-powered FbStart Accelerator at NG_HUB is currently open for all startups and students to apply. The accelerator is a tech-focused programme for innovative startups and student teams making using of next generation technologies to solve challenges of business and build solutions for future use.

According to CCHUB website, the programme is a 6-month research and mentorship driven program for innovative and visionary teams daring to create solutions with advanced technologies. The accelerator provides these teams with the support they need to build and optimize value driven products and match them with resources from Facebook and CcHUB.

The program is designed to support teams in two categories namely:

1. Onsite Acceleration for Startup Teams: Designed for startup teams with existing products who have customers or are market-ready.

2. Virtual Acceleration for Student Teams: Designed for Nigerian and Ghanaian students (BSc, MSc or PhD) with working prototypes or the technical expertise required to build intended solutions.

FbStart Accelerator is only for solutions that leverage the following technologies;

A. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

B. Data Science

C. Internet-of-Things (IoT)

D. Augmented Reality (AR) and

E. Virtual Reality (VR).

Applications to join the 2019 Cohort closes by June 30, 2019.

Visit for more information via

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Seun Osewa: The brain behind Nairaland Forum


Oluwaseun Temitope Osewe was born on 17 July 1982 in Ota, Ogun State Nigeria. He is the founder of Nairaland, a popular internet forum launched in March 2005. Seun Osewa was admitted into Obafemi Awolowo University, but dropped out of school to concentrate on internet business.

Osewa has made it big with his internet forum, projected by Forbes to be the largest online African forum. Nairaland has a huge following both in Africa and around the world, competing in the same league with top global platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Wikipedia, among others.Ranking among the top 1,000 most viewed sites in the world, Nairaland attracts over 1 million views each day, which has made Osewa a successful African internet sensation.  The forum currently has almost 2million registered members and still counting. In 2015, he was listed among the Top 10 Most Influential Nigerian Online Entrepreneurs by T.I.N. Magazine.

The founder of Nairaland started his experiment for Nairaland between 2003 and 2005 when he created three forums, one of them was meant for students of higher educational institutions, the second one was for IT discussions, and the third one, Mobile Nigeria, was meant to cover the GSM industry that was emerging in Nigeria then. The latter turned out to be Nairaland the biggest forum in Africa.

Nairaland success did not come easy, as Seun had to wade off spammers and trolls on the forum on a daily basis. Eventually in 2014, Nairaland suffered a malicious hacker attack, which disabled the site for several days and deleted all the data. In 2012, he also lost Google Adsense revenue due to sexual topics discussed on Nairaland and ever since he has been selling ads space on its forum.

With all this said there are numerous benefits you can get from using the platform. The benefits ranges from making money, getting a job and also promoting your content Nairaland is a top beneficial website.Below aresome of the things you can do on niaraland to help you make the best use of the platform:

1. Its one of the best platform to get Latest / Breaking News In Nigeria, so keying into this is another ways to optimize your use of this top Nigeria forum.

2. If you have any questions or issues to discuss and you want answer, Nairaland would be one of your best choice.

3. Its is an active forum so if you face a problem and seek for help Nairaland would be perfect. Assuming you are in need of info on how to scan a computer for virus, you can easily post any request you have on the appropiate section on Nairaland and surely within a short period of time Nairalanders would tell you what to do.

4. Bloggers or webmasters can use the forum to drive targeted Nigerian traffic to their blog or website.

5. There are numerous active users on Nairaland so you can advertise your products and services easily on this platform.

6. If you need new friends who you can have open and helpful discussion with you can also find some on Nairaland.

7. You can also make money on Nairaland buy selling your products on the platform. You can also advertise you skill and in turn get employers from Nairaland.

8. You can get jobs on this platform as vacancies in Nigeria are frequently posted on Nairaland Job section.

9. If you want to share pictures, videos or audio file and trying to get more view for these, using Nairaland would also be good for you.

10.You are free to learn endless list of new different useful knowlegde on Nairaland from the different tutorials been posted on the platform daily.

With Nairaland forum having a considerable number of users based in diaspora, this statistic suggests that a maximum 3% of Nigerian Internet users are registered on the forum.

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How foreign entrepreneurs are spuring domestic finance and economic activities in Malawi


Africa adoptability of information technological innovations is rising beyound expectation. Women entrepreneurs are not left out in this huge creative development from the tech world. However, creation of values through technological innovations are spurning good economic tangle to say, also opening up new frontiers in our various markets and monatery exchange channels which results are bringing new ways of doing things and making our young nation a digitalize one.


Diaspora entrepreneurs are venturing into African market, due to to technological innovations mass acceptance by entreprneurs and value creators. To be candid, the contributions of diasporas has go beyond financial investment. They encompass raising collective  remittances  to  support  philanthropic  activities  toward  technology  transfer, knowledge  exchange  and  improved  access  to  international  capital  markets.


Migrants can help to foster economic growth in their country of origin, by returning to their home country as entrepreneurs, or by funding investment, including start-ups. Inclusive innovations driving women’s business growth Inclusive  innovations  are  empowering  women  entrepreneurs  through  the  use  of  Information computer technologies   in combination with mobile phone ownership asbstated earlier.

As  a  result  of  investment  by  diaspora,  private  and  charity  organisations, informal women entrepreneurs are able to access business education, financial services, business networks  and  real-time  market  information,  all  of  which  are  otherwise  inaccessible  under Africa’s resource-constrained settings.

Women entrepreneurs who make use of such inclusive innovations benefit from new skills, business ideas and opportunities to reach customers and enter new markets. As a result, they increase the profitability of their businesses, invest in local job creation and improve the well-being of their families. The success of inclusive innovations for women entrepreneurs relies on two key factors:

(i) Partnering with local women’s businesses or youth associations for outreach

(ii) Practising inclusive strategies to ensure access and usage by women, especially for those that live in rural areas and are constrained by poor infrastructure, limited decision-making power, high transport costs and low English literacy skills. 

Grow Movement is one of the successful example, where use the of Information computer technologies is make to use in order to foster the business skills of African entrepreneurs in Malawi. The ideas works by matching consultants with entrepreneurs in Malawi to provide them with education on how to improve marketing, book keeping, financial planning and customer relations during free one-on-one sessions via Skype, WhatsApp or telephone.

In oder to reach women entrepreneurs, Grow Movement works in close partnership with the National Association of Business Women in Malawi (NABW). The Grow Movement is a UK-based private network of international volunteer business consultants.

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