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About Us

SUSA”  is a Gen  Z information portal as well as digital solutions to serve users  and advertisers optimally with business, economy, technology, modus vivendi (life-style) news and reports all around Africa. SUSA a brand under THINK MEDIA NIGERIA which is located in Nigeria.

Simplified climatic map of Africa: Sub-Saharan Africa consists of the Sahel and the Horn of Africa in the north (yellow), the tropical savannas (light green) and the tropical rainforests (dark green) of Equatorial Africa, and the arid Kalahari Basin (yellow) and the “Mediterranean” south coast (olive) of Southern Africa. The numbers shown correspond to the dates of all Iron Age artifacts associated with the Bantu expansion.

THINK MEDIA NIGERIA  is a business enterprise that provides digital solutions to serve clients and advertisers in Africa.


Multimedia services
Content development
Data Management
Digitalisation services.



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