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Clayton Christensen, the Giant of Enterprise

The late Clayton M. Christensen (1952-2020) a management guru and prominent American academic has passed away at age 67. He served as the Kim B. Clark Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School. 

The author of ‘The Innovator’s Dilemma’ and disruptive innovation theorist, Clayton Christensen’s advice is founded on his belief that creativity can be taught. He doesn’t stake his claim lightly, investing years of research with counterparts to produce ‘The Innovator’s DNA’.

Distruptive innovation

Clayton Christensen disruptive innovation was reminding us not to overinvest in careers and underinvest in people. His emphasis on creating cultures in families, not just companies and measuring success by the lives you touch.

He was a true tower in the education movement. He influenced the strategy of an entire generation of the founders. Christensen’s term “disruptive” is used loosely today to mean any big change, but it actually has a precise, technical meaning. He believes that disruptive innovation is the key to achieving growth in a fast-changing world.

Clay Christensen belief that the role of every manager is to lay a foundation for future growth. Everyone thinks of Clayton Christensen for Innovators Dilemma and disruptive innovation concepts, but if you’ve not read “How Will You Measure Your Life”, do yourself a favour and go read it. With Clay Christensen’s passing, the world lost a luminary who will inspire innovators and thinkers in all fields for generations to come.

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