How to Survive Workplace Politics

Workplace politics majorly affect the relationship amongst the individuals. Friends turn foes due to politics. People stop helping and most importantly trusting each other.

Thereis no need to be afraid of office politics. Top performers are those who have mastered the art of winning in office politics. Below are tips to help you win in the workplace:

3 Tips:

Know What You Are Trying to Achieve

Power and influence are constantly shifting so make sure you stay tuned into the dynamics in the office. Create visibility with the influencers. Build a strategic network of allies and champions who advocate for you and support your initiatives and advancement.

Don’t Take Sides

Because people are political by nature, accept that politics are part of the daily routine. Motivational speaker Earl Nightingale once said, “Treat everyone as though they are the most important person in the world, because to them they are.” Great advice. Remember, no one is better than anyone else.

Think Win-Win

Always strive to build constructive relationships with co-workers, employees, and management. By doing so, your actions will help you avoid those who use politics to gain power, gain an advantage at someone else’s expense, promote hidden agendas, and use private, confidential information against others.

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