Cyclone Belna: 9 dead and 1,400 homeless after landfall in Madagascar

The North Indian Ocean tropical Cyclone has made landfall in Madagascar on Monday.

When NASA’s Aqua satellite passed over the Southern Indian Ocean, water vapor data provided information about the intensity of Tropical Cyclone Belna.
Photography: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


The first tropical storm of the season hit northwestern part of Madagascar. Local officials said 9 people dead and 3 more missing from the disaster.

Col. Elack Olivier Andriakaja of the national catastrophe management office, said Tuesday, that the Cyclone blew into the coastal town of Soalala, where more than 1,400 residents were made homeless because their houses were destroyed, damaged or flooded.

Those displaced have found temporary shelter in primary schools, mosques and district offices, but they need food, said Andriakaja.

Bane is one of three tropical cyclones to form in the western Indian Ocean since last week as a phenomenon similar to a strong El Niño keeps water warm near Africa. The other two tropical cyclones to form in the past few days are Ambali and Pawan a report noted.

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