Tunisia: Eleven arrested in Sidi Bouzid as Protesters clash with Police

The Tunisian Interior Ministry said on Tuesday that security agencies arrested eleven people after protesters clash with police in central Tunisia.

Riot police clash with protesters during demonstrations against rising prices and tax increases in Tebourba, Tunisia on January 9, 2018. Photography: Reuters Archive.

A witnesses on Twitter said, clashes erupted on Monday between protesters and Tunisian police who fired tear gas to disperse them in the southern town of Jelma, the third consecutive night of protest against poverty and lack of opportunity.

Protests in the town of Jelma started on Saturday, a day after a casual laborer named Abdelwaheb Hablani age 25, protest against poverty and poor standard of living and later set himself on fire in the centre of the town. Hablani later died in hospital, Aljazeera News Agency noted.


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