MainOne launched Submarine cable in Cote D’Ivoire

MainOne on Monday announced on that its submarine cable in Cote D’Ivoire is now live and ready for service.

Photography: MainOne.

MainOne’s entry into the Cote D’Ivoire market will facilitate world-class infrastructure availability and accessibility that meets market needs our source noted.

The company believes that being the first commercial cable system in service, the facility will offer capabilities to deepen infrastructure sharing and lower the cost of delivering broadband services to the region. Which will eventually increase world-class infrastructure and accessibility, thereby meeting the market demand at any time.

The MainOne’s press release further discloses that the network will ensure its customers continue to enjoy the maximum uptime performance and reduced latency as the company increases bandwidth capacity and maintain direct connections to various regional and global Internet Exchanges including the Nigerian Internet Exchange (IXPN), Ghanaian Internet Exchange (GIX), London Internet Exchange (LINX) and Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMSIX).


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