DR Congo: More than Five people killed in a New violent protest in Beni

Anti-UN protest continues in Beni as civilians demand UN peacekeepers to leave the city which left more than five people killed.

Peacekeepers serving with the UN Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO) on patrol. Photography: UN Photo/Sylvain Liechti.

Protesters numbering hundreds marched towards the UN headquarters in the city of Beni.

Al Jazeera’s news reporter Alain Uaykani, said that the army is saying the protests are no longer peaceful and hey will not accept protesters to gather close to the UN compound.

“They are saying the enemy are the rebels. The rebels are the ones killing civilians. The UN is not the enemy, that is what the army is saying. The army is expected to deploy more troops on the ground from tomorrow,” Uaykani said, after attending a press briefing organised by the military on Monday.

The UN peacekeepers (MINUSCA) currently have nearly 13,000 uniformed personnel serving the country’s five-year-old peacekeeping mission, aiming to restore security, and provide support for human rights efforts, following years of political upheaval.

In November, over 100 civilians were killed in the Beni region in attacks blamed on Ugandan rebel group the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF).


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