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DR Congo: Army Killed Top Rebel Leader in Beni

The army official said that the dead ADF Commander was killed during an operation in the eastern part of the country, hours after the rebel killed 13 people in an aggressive military action in Mapobu forest, North Kivu province.

Families of displaced people sheltering in DR Congo. Photography: Christian Jepsen / Norwegian Refugee Council.

Army spokesman General Leon Richard Kasonga said soldiers shot dead Mouhamed Mukubwa Islam one of the top three leaders of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) group during a night military operation on source Friday.Our makes confirmation the confirmation while speaking to the top army official.

The ongoing violence in the Eastern part of the country makes reaching people with aid from within DRC extremely difficult and Ugandan authorities are preparing to receive an influx of new refugees, a report stated.

In addition, the nexus between political and sectarian violence by armed militias is the main source of political instability. Nefarious actors of different rebellion group thrive in this environment with a climate of endemic corruption, weak institutions, and lack of trust between citizens, government and the United Nations peacekeepers in the country.

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