5 AI Trends To Watch In 2020

Artificial intelligence can play chess, drive a car and diagnose medical issues. Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo, Tesla’s self-driving vehicles, and IBM’s Watson are example of AI based tech products in existence. Also, you may have used AI on your way to work, communicating online with friends, searching on the web, and making online purchases in the past. Now things will go in advance than before in 2020.The Emerging Trends

1. Autonomous AIMost car companies are placing investment and initiatives on artificial intelligence development in self-driving cars in recent times will shape the future.

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk once said that he anticipates completion of fully autonomous technology by the end of 2019, with their self-driving vehicles being so advanced in 2020.

2. AI SecurityCyber threats are occurring at a rapid pace. Next year, many cybersecurity solutions will have to begin to use more advanced AI-fueled automation that are improved on in 2019, which will allow professionals to automate many of the tasks that previously had to be done manually.

Automation will now redirect human efforts toward higher value activities due to new and more innovative solutions which are to be launched in the market soon will definitely dabble the security crisis at every level.

3. Explainable AIExplainable AI paradigm provides better insights into the AI system and helps to open up the black box of deep learning architecture.

Machine learning algorithms are often called a black box because they resemble a closed system that takes an input and produces an output.

Harvard Business Review, noted that some organisations and industries in the United States of America are investing heavily in the capability to audit and explain machine learning systems, focusing on the explainable AI algorithm which will influence its usage in 2020.

4.  Conversational AI

The use of messaging apps, speech-based assistants and chatbots to automate communication and create personalized customer experiences at scale is referred to as a conversational AI.

AI has the ability to unlock hidden value in the top and bottom lines at companies globally.  Clearly, progressive companies are already “gearing up” their cognitive powers as the chatbot market is expected to witness a 24% growth rate in the next six years and reach $1.25 billion by 2025.

For example, recently released market proven solution like OrbitaASSIST which facilitate early identification of critical care needs and dramatically reducing the median time of response to calls for help by hospital patients.

5.  AI Infrastructure

AI deployment will give IT infrastructure and business priorities in 2020. A CPU-based environment can handle basic AI workloads, but deep learning involves multiple large data sets and deploying scalable neural network algorithms.

To fully take advantage of the opportunities presented by AI, organizations need sufficient performance computing resources, including CPUs and GPUs. AI will be able to actively manage and maintain the entire system by studying demand trends, predict requirements and deploying resources as and when required.

AI 2020 Prospects

Rapidly developing technology like AI will continue to offer significant development opportunities that many companies have already been quick to seize upon.

AI interaction with other transformational technologies will push the frontier of the capabilities of humans and machines in businesses and organisational performance to optimize profitability in the coming year.

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