Amhara ruling party backs Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed ‘controversial’ united party plan

Ethno-nationalists are seizing the opportunity to gain the political upper hand in Ethiopia.The Amhara Democratic Party, ADP, the governing party in Ethiopia’s Amhara regional state has supported the plans of the Ethiopia PM to reconstruct the ruling coalition into a united national party, the Africa News report yesterday.

Ethiopian State affairs

Ethiopia is being buffeted by deadly unrest as it attempts a rapid transition to multi-party democracy under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

His government has chalked up significant achievements during the last eighteen months of political and economic liberalisation. But the challenges it faces were laid bare on 22 June when the president of one of the country’s regional states, Amhara, and the Ethiopian military’s chief of staff were assassinated in concurrent events in separate cities.

The killings came after intercommunal clashes in more than ten areas in 2018 led almost three million Ethiopians to flee their homes, the world’s largest conflict-related internal displacement in any one country that year, International Crisis Group noted.


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