Mozambique to Grow its $14-billion Economy 

Mozambique sits on huge gas reserves and developing liquefied natural gas export projects is expected to bring tens of billions of dollars to the country. 

Gas exploration leads to various opportunities for industry in the mid-stream sector. From the Rovuma Basin gas development, there are substantial opportunities on-shore: Petrochemicals; Fertilizers (Ammonia/Urea); Gas-to-Liquids (GTL); Energy Generation; etc, in what is locally being designated as “Domestic Gas Opportunities”. in a Domestic Gas Public Bid Process, Yara International, Shell Mozambique and Africa Energy have secured the first amount of Domestic Gas to boost the local industries by producing Fertilizer, GTL and Energy, respectively.

Reserves in Mozambique’s Rovuma Basin amount to some 85 trillion cubic feet enough to supply Germany, Britain, France and Italy for nearly two decades.

Mozambique Natural Gas is one of the worlds largest reserves with discoveries totaling around 180 Trillion Cubic Feet (TCF) by the both Area 1 and Area 4 operators at Rovuma Basin. However, in a bear market, materializing this potential is complex and costly.


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