E-commerce and Business Start-up

A hosted E-commerce Solution, sometimes called a “Cloud” or “Software as a Service – SaaS” means that everything that you need is provided in one package. It includes the use of software and hosting with service and support provided. Importantly hosted solutions come with updates, upgrades and maintenance as part of the deal and they are the service providers responsibility.


E-commerce assists entrepreneurs to be creative and innovative. In the course of evaluation process of a potential new idea and market strategies.

E-commerce is essential, it increases importance indicated in the continually increasing amount of both business and business and business to customer, E-commerce sales.

The fastest growing retail E-commerce category in 2011 was Digital Contents and Subscription compose mainly of digital contents download in audio, videos, TV shows and E-books at a growth rate of 26%. Others are Flat panel TV’s, Tablets, E-readers, Jewry and Watches.

Wide spread use of personal consumer, the adoption of intranet in companies, the acceptance of internet as a business of communication platform and most secure which make business easier and faster.

There are other options like open source software and shared hosting but you will need web technical skills to go that way or you will need to find a web developer / designer to do the job for you. To go this direction you need to either choose the software that you want and then find a suitable hosting company or find a developer / designer who may make the choice for you. Once your website is completed you or your developer will be responsible for all the updates and security maintenance that is required to get the site working and safe. Make sure the developer that you select will be around after the website is finished to help maintain it.

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