Mutharika and the Political Impasse in Malawi

President Peter Mutharika has offered to negotiate with the opposition, but opposition parties say the president is illegitimate and should step aside.

Archive Photo: An election official shows prisoners in the Zomba Maximum Prison the empty ballot box before the start of the presidential and parliamentary elections in Malawi, Thursday 20 May 2004. EPA/STR

Political tensions started rising in May when opposition leaders rejected election results that showed President Peter Mutharika winning a second term. His critics accuse him of corruption and cronyism.

The May 2019 election in Malawi enjoyed a new reform in the country’s electoral constitution in which cash handouts by candidates is a prohibition and also any party that receive large donations must make a public declaration.

Looking at Malawi’s economic index, inflation has fallen from 23 percent to below nine percent, but still only 11 percent of the population has access to electricity. Also, rising external debt and shortages of food and unemployment are the challenges the small African nation is facing at the moment


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