The Crisis of the Nation is besieged by Idling crowds

Every day, Nigerians face frightening sizes of challenges like frustrations, tensions, and anxieties of uncertain future all over the faces of the people. What Texas is to the United States, Nigeria is to Africa. Slightly larger than the Lone Star State, Nigeria is situated on the western part of the Africa. Like Texas, oil is also a cornerstone of Nigeria’s economy.

A view of a busy district of Lagos from a flyover bridge.

The international spotlight is now shining on Nigeria, which is also Africa’s most populous countryIn Nigeria today, the situation of employment generation is pathetically unpleasant.

Sources: BBC Country Profile – Timeline, Fitch Solutions, Nigerian government.

Last year, Nigeria’s official unemployment figures jumped by 30 percent this year to 16 million with another two million expected by the end of the year. But less than forty percent of Nigeria’s nearly 200 million people are fully employed. Also, in the same year, Nigeria edged-out of its worst recession in nearly three decades in September last year and made bouts of economic growth. But unemployment and poverty have yet to see a positive impact.

In this circumstance of Nigeria therefore, when a system is disorderly, chaotic, inconsistent and crisis ridden as typical of ours, when the policy makers and the executors are incapable of allowing healthy natural happenings, the tendency is for the citizenry to look for alternative to survive the scenario. These escape alternatives are mostly illegal, and taking unknowable adventure by citizens of lower class of my fathers land migrating through the Sahel to reach the heavens on earth, in order to survive the challenges faced in their home country.



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