To justify the megawatts of hatred for Fulani cattle rearers that has enveloped and consumed their bitter souls, they say:

”Is cattle business government business? Is it not private business? Why is government interested in procuring land for the Fulani to rear their cattle?”

Let’s take it from there and proceed as follows:

* Is airline business government business? Why are states and federal governments busy expending huge public funds in acquiring lands and building new airports and rehabilitating old ones for aeroplanes that are owned purely by private travel companies and rich, private individuals including pastors and bishops? Shouldn’t they buy land and build airports for their aeroplanes?

* Is transport business government business? Or are all the cars, trucks, buses and vans that use Nigerian roads everyday owned by government? Why should government be busy spending hundreds of billions of naira building roads for vehicles that are mainly on private trips or for transporters that are making huge sums transporting travelers to various destinations? Shouldn’t vehicle owners then raise money and build roads for their cars and travels?

* Is farming business government business? Why are both states and federal governments always busy procuring and distributing fertilizers and various other farm implements to farmers, sometimes for free and sometimes in heavily subsidized form? Shouldn’t farmers who are mainly private entrepreneurs be left alone to source for everything they need for their farming business? Why should government interfere? For example, is rice farming not private business so much that the federal government gave rice farmers in Ebonyi, Kebbi and other states financial incentives to expand?

* Is commercial banking business government business? Why has the federal government been spending hundreds of billions of naira bailing out distressed banks in Nigeria since.

By Cham Faliya Sharon.

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