Apple to move Mac Pro production to China

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Last week when I wrote that President Trump trade war with China is dragging on economic growth not just in the US and China that Apple which is currently the largest corporate taxpayer in the US is pleading with President Trump for China trade war truce that its tax contributions would be badly damaged by tariffs on its China-produced goods, then some said I don’t know what I am saying and now, Apple is moving Mac Pro production to China.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple will shift production of its Mac Pro computers to China, the desktop is the only major Apple device produced in the US, in Texas to be exact. Apple has chosen a Taiwanese contractor, Quanta Computer Inc., to manufacture the $6,000 desktop computer near Shanghai.

Even though Mac Pro is not a high volume seller, but the shift is a winning point for China, no doubt, President Donald Trump would be angry with this shift as he has been pressing US companies, in general, to make things in America. If Trump goes on with his plan to slap tariffs on all imports from China, that would raise prices for US consumers. Instead of US consumers paying less, they will be paying more and living costs would rise. With all these, Donald John Trump will still be the 46th president of the United States in 2020.

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