5 Ways of Spotting New Opportunities

Waiting to be inspired means potentially waiting until the end of time. I’m not going to do that and you shouldn’t either.

How to spot an opportunity may be the key entrepreneurial trait, but you can’t do it on an island. You can’t simply wait for inspiration to strike you out of the blue and for you to suddenly realize “what the world truly needs is…”

Don’t wait for the opportunity go find the opportunity, whether it’s a
trading opportunity or a simple small business opportunity.

These are the 5 ways I spot brand new opportunities in business.

1. Get a sense of direction.

Trying to find an opportunity is just a general term that people use. I like to call it shifting responsibility. You should be taking control of the situation, and the only way to do this is by adopting a sense of direction. Which opportunities are you looking for and how are you going to find them? Write down what you want to achieve. This will motivate you and set you on a course that will inevitably open more doors.

2. Networking and Collaboration

You may prefer to be a lone wolf, but in business this isn’t going to get you very far. The fact is you have to network and collaborate because other people have a lot of great ideas. Use those great ideas to
propel you to greater heights.
Go out of your way to attend events and network. Set aside some time every day to network on social media platforms like LinkedIn. Build those relationships. Remember, the only way you can start to collaborate is through networking first.

3. Get a mentor.

A mentor is someone who’s already achieved more than you. Don’t get jealous seek them out. I’ve always believed that a mentor is the key to getting better and it’s the key to finding brand new opportunities. These are the people who can help you achieve more.

But you have to be willing to humble yourself so you can seek out the help of someone else. Be willing to admit that you don’t know it all, even if it’s tough. Mentors are important. They’re there to motivate. They’re there to inspire. They’re there to take you to new heights.

4. Be dependable.

Why would reliability have anything to do with finding opportunities? In many ways, reliability is the key that opens every door. It’s one of the big traits you should adopt. When you start flaking out people don’t want to work with you. When you break someone’s trust they’re not going to want to share or collaborate with you.

5. Opportunities can appear anywhere.

Opportunities can pop out at any time. But it’s a myth that opportunities just pop out of nowhere with no warning. The biggest businessmen in the world worked to make those opportunities happen. However, don’t start patting yourself on the back because you found an opportunity. Take advantage of it.
I believe that unveiling opportunities is only the first step. It’s not a time to rest on your successes.

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