Winning Streaks, Losing Streaks and the Game of Life

How do these lessons about confidence help you in your everyday life? The secret to winning is not to lose twice in a row.

Confidence brings the resilience to bounce back from defeat to victory. It does not guarantee that you will win every single time, but confidence makes people more likely to analyze problems and face them head-on, communicate and cooperate with those whose support they need, and take initiative to make adjustments or try innovations. People with confidence can count on themselves to shape events, and they know they will stay in the game no matter what.

The only good thing about losing is that it sounds an alarm bells and can shake people out of complacency. A setback represents a time to make a choice, to make a difference, or to slip into self-defeating behavior. The dividing line between winning streaks and losing streaks is the choice of behavior in response to set-backs. The choice to rally instead of getting discouraged is that of an optimist who assumes negative events are temporary glitches rather than a permanent state of affairs.

Internal Supports 

Successful people also have character, the internalized three cornerstones of confidence accountability, collaboration and initiative and the ability to support others. When the going gets tough, they draw on those internal supports. Character is shaped by values and the desire to achieve excellence in all pursuits, regardless of the outcome.

They know that getting beaten by a better opponent is different than losing. As long as they are playing at the highest level, they will resume winning. Their standards are internal and they have the perseverance to stay in the game just a little longer. Winners define setbacks as detours, and they redouble their efforts to find a way around the obstacles.

One of the best things a winner can do when facing a loss is to think of others. Winners avoid the loser’s temptation to shut down and withdraw. People must build their own mini-network, knowing that others can be remarkably generous.

The Long March

Winners also avoid the loser’s habit of assuming too much. Winners don’t focus on the huge goal in thefuture; they work step-by-step to progress a little faster or a little smarter. They know they can’t jump stages. Winning is a long march, and even when the problems seem overwhelming, winners focus on what they can control — being prepared, working hard, and accomplishing small wins that will improve the odds of achieving the next big success.

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