US tensions with Iran

The Yankees woke up Friday morning to the news President Trump nearly took them to war by calling off a military strike on Iran just 10 minutes before it was supposed to be carried out. The strike was in retaliation for Tehran shooting down a US drone.

President Trump is having a trade war with China, which is dragging on economic growth not just in the US and China, but globally even Apple which is currently the largest corporate taxpayer in the US is pleading with President Trump for China trade war truce that its tax contributions would be badly damaged by tariffs on its China-produced goods and President Trump wants to go to war with Iran. Is that the way to make America great again?

President Trump has no political or military experience, that’s why he is turning the world upside down. Arabian Peninsula is the world’s largest peninsula and Oil is a particularly strong export of the region in which OPEC countries hold nearly 82% of the world’s crude oil reserves of which 65% from that region. Hope you can comprehend what will happen if Trump goes to war with Iran. The good news is that US airlines have now been banned by the FAA from flying over the area where the drone was shot down.

To save the world from Trump’s war, the Yankees have to reject Trump at the poll in 2020.

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