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ZayRide is Expanding into West Africa

Ethiopia’s first app-based taxi service which launched in July 2016, is expanding to the Liberian capital, Monrovia.

ZayRide is a customer centric on-demand taxi service offering fast, convenient service throughout the local area.

Zayride Logo.

According to QZ.COM,

E-hailing services like Uber and its rival Bolt (formerly Taxify) are yet to tap into Ethiopia even as they have introduced low-cost to premium products in smaller African nations including Uganda, Mauritius, and Ghana. The over 100-million people nation remains Africa’s largest untapped market, mainly because the government has for decades instituted a centralized economic model and restricted private sector operations to a few lines of activities.

Even with a fast-growing economy, the landlocked nation has remained poor and faces foreign currency shortages. Investors and global tech giants have also sidestepped Addis Ababa even though it’s home to the African Union and United Nations Economic Commission for Africa headquarters, boasts a new urban metro, and is undergoing massive construction of skyscrapers and roads undertaken by Chinese ucompanies.

Public buses in Addis Ababa.

The company has decided to expand into West Africa with the help of Liberian web solutions firm Hak Technologies. This is a major step by the taxi service unit to offer smart transportation option to people with the replacement of old cabs from the region.

Over the last few years, three taxi , the Ethiopian on-demand taxi service will introduce 200 cars by August this year, says founder Habtamu Tadesse.

The company also created a call center so that customers could call in case they didn’t “understand” the technology or during internet shutdowns.

ZayRide also had to design its platform to work with the slower internet speeds encountered by users, mainly by compressing the application size. 




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