The National Home-Grown School Feeding Programme in Nigeria (Part 2)


Nigeria is fast on its way to becoming the leader in Africa in the National Home-Grown School Feeding Programme, by feeding over 9.7 Million pupils and still counting.

As of today, 103,992 cooks are on the government payroll, feeding 9,714,342 pupils in 53,715 government primary schools around 31 States. These children are able to eat a balanced diet, towards improving their learning outcomes and the government was able to spend less on nutritious meals by sourcing for all ingredients directly from the farmers, without using middlemen, in which the government is spending about N70 to feed a child under the programme.

Every six months, the government deworms the children benefiting from the programme, to reduce the frequency of infections, likewise, small farmers are smiling to the banks through the programme because the government source from farmers least seven million eggs every week, over 600 cattle, 83 metric tonnes of fish and lots of fruits and vegetables.

The government might be feeding more children in Kaduna State this year as the Kaduna State Government and World Bank have concluded plans to enrol no fewer than 145,000 out-of-school children and almajiris into primary schools across the state by September, out of the 727,000 out-of-school children in Kaduna State.

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