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Why Tech giants like Google and Microsoft are investing in Africa


What if you could tell what was wrong with your plant by simply hovering your smart phone over it? Well, farmers in Africa now can. Thanks to one of Google’s many products, TensorFlow, rural farmers on the continent can diagnose diseased plants by taking a photo of it.

TensorFlow came with the launch of Google’s artificialintelligence (AI) center in Accra, Ghana’s capital city earlier this year.

The center, one of the multinational tech company’s many investments in Africa, is comprised of researchers and engineers from around the continent building resources to solve various African problems through AI.

Just as Google is using technology to create tools that address Africa’s growing needs, Microsoft continues to invest in growing tech talents on the continent.

Last week, the company launched its Africa Development Centre (ADC) with two initial sites in Nairobi, Kenya and Lagos, Nigeria. Read more via

Mark-Anthony Johnson, CEO at JIC Holdings.

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