Nigeria is lagging behind in the agricultural sector

I do agree with Senator Shehu Sani, that the Governor of Ondo, Rotimi Akeredolu, should shift attention to partnering with other states in the production of ginger, beans, yam and other agricultural products rather than asking the federal government to encourage the cultivation of medicinal cannabis.

Last year, Omoyele Sowore also advocates for the production of marijuana, he even said Nigeria will export marijuana if he gets elected as president of Nigeria. Governor Rotimi Akeredolu and Omoyele Sowore believed that some countries are generating billions from the plant while Nigeria is lagging behind, but they failed to realize that Nigeria is lagging behind generally in the agriculture industry, not just on cannabis.

In the 1950s and 1960s and in 1970 Ondo was among the major states that produce cocoa and then cocoa production was a major foreign exchange earner for Nigeria but not anymore. Côte D’Ivoire supplies 30% of the world’s total cocoa. Nestle and Cadbury receive much of their cocoa from the Ivory Coast while Nigeria is lagging behind.

Indonesia and Malaysia are making billions from Palm Oil while Nigeria is lagging behind even the CBN Governor asking the Federal Government to attach premiums to palm oil production because its price is higher than crude oil’s. Ondo State government can invest massively in palm oil production, being that Oil Palm is one of the state’s agro raw materials rather than the production of marijuana.


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