The N30, 000 Minimum Wage and the Oyo state expectation

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Ibadan has a population of over 3 million and it is the third most populous city in Nigeria after Lagos and Kano, likewise, Ibadan is the country’s largest city by geographical area, with these, there are lots of money making opportunities for the Oyo state governor-elect, Seyi Makinde, so that his government can pay N30, 000 minimum wage to the civil servants and teachers in the state.

Governor-elect, Seyi Makinde, the people of Oyo state voted for you because they believed you are a visionary leader that can reposition Oyo State into a physically functional, economically vibrant, socially harmonious and aesthetically delightful preferred destination for all, likewise, many Nigerians across the country and outside shared the same thought with the people of Oyo state, including myself even yourself can testify to the way Nigerians across the country and outside congratulated you when you announced your victory on LinkedIn.

With all due respect, sir, failure to pay N30, 000 minimum wage to civil servants and teachers in Oyo state when you resume office on May 29, would simply mean you’ve disappointed millions of Nigerians that believe in you.



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