The home-grown school feeding (HGSF) programme is improving grassroot education in Nigeria



In Brazil, the programme is called the National School Feeding Programme, in India, the Midday Meals Programme and in Thailand, the school feeding programmes while in Ghana, the Homegrown School Feeding.In 2017, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) implemented or supported school feeding programmes in 71 countries.

Research on school feeding programmes from around the world shows that school feeding can improve the education, health and wealth of whole communities, but despite little success in Nigeria, payment hitches, insufficient cooks, others slow the school feeding programme even in the UK, children whose parents receive certain welfare payments are eligible for free school meals, also, there are additional separate provisions for eligibility to free school meals in the UK.

The government should improve its implementation of the school feeding programme and other programmes while Nigerians should criticize the government constructively.

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