Business Technology

Artificial Intelligence for Business


There are tremendous applications of AI for business growth, ranging from chatbots for customer services to data analytics for making a predictive recommendation such as Amazon recommendation systems on amazon e-commerce, google email auto-completion, facebook user suggestions etc.

Many businesses are having a hard time to Integrate Recommendation systems and it’s associate into their existing services as a result of low or no data.

Leveraging on Transfer-Learning, many businesses can have a good model  Integrated into their services with a little amount of data, high model accuracy, reduce cost, and less model training time.

Internet of things devices has enormous potential for generating real-time data, clean and accurate data for model training which will in effect increase model score or accuracy, despite these advantages data generated by IoT devices are usually small as a result of latency and other factors. Leveraging on Transfer Learning business make effective use of data generated by IoT devices for Business Intelligence.


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