Your action can restore faith in humanity






Omer Temel, a Turkish-born, works in Sweden as a taxi driver for Taxi Kurir, a taxi company that offers taxi services, transport to and from the airport, and driving school service in Sweden.

Last week, Temel picked up a businessman, Christer Ostlund, who was heading to the airport for a three-day business trip to Germany. On the way to the airport, Ostlund discovered he had forgotten his wallet at home and he was worried that he wouldn’t be able to make it home and back to the airport on time and Ostlund offer to transfer the money through a Swedish phone app but Tempel refused Ostlund’s offer and gave his personal credit card with his pin number and contact details to Ostlund, he even assured Ostlund that there is enough money on it. Ostlund was touched by the gesture and ended up borrowing 4,200 Swedish kronor (450 US dollars) of Temel’s money, which he returned after they reunited at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm.

When the management of Taxi Kurir heard what Tempel did, the company awarded him with 13,000 Swedish krona ($1,360) for his “heroic” action and Tempel responded that he got the award on behalf of the Turkish nation and he would like to continue to represent his country and people in the best way possible. Your action can restore faith in humanity, always be good.

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