Seun Osewa: The brain behind Nairaland Forum


Oluwaseun Temitope Osewe was born on 17 July 1982 in Ota, Ogun State Nigeria. He is the founder of Nairaland, a popular internet forum launched in March 2005. Seun Osewa was admitted into Obafemi Awolowo University, but dropped out of school to concentrate on internet business.

Osewa has made it big with his internet forum, projected by Forbes to be the largest online African forum. Nairaland has a huge following both in Africa and around the world, competing in the same league with top global platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Wikipedia, among others.Ranking among the top 1,000 most viewed sites in the world, Nairaland attracts over 1 million views each day, which has made Osewa a successful African internet sensation.  The forum currently has almost 2million registered members and still counting. In 2015, he was listed among the Top 10 Most Influential Nigerian Online Entrepreneurs by T.I.N. Magazine.

The founder of Nairaland started his experiment for Nairaland between 2003 and 2005 when he created three forums, one of them was meant for students of higher educational institutions, the second one was for IT discussions, and the third one, Mobile Nigeria, was meant to cover the GSM industry that was emerging in Nigeria then. The latter turned out to be Nairaland the biggest forum in Africa.

Nairaland success did not come easy, as Seun had to wade off spammers and trolls on the forum on a daily basis. Eventually in 2014, Nairaland suffered a malicious hacker attack, which disabled the site for several days and deleted all the data. In 2012, he also lost Google Adsense revenue due to sexual topics discussed on Nairaland and ever since he has been selling ads space on its forum.

With all this said there are numerous benefits you can get from using the platform. The benefits ranges from making money, getting a job and also promoting your content Nairaland is a top beneficial website.Below aresome of the things you can do on niaraland to help you make the best use of the platform:

1. Its one of the best platform to get Latest / Breaking News In Nigeria, so keying into this is another ways to optimize your use of this top Nigeria forum.

2. If you have any questions or issues to discuss and you want answer, Nairaland would be one of your best choice.

3. Its is an active forum so if you face a problem and seek for help Nairaland would be perfect. Assuming you are in need of info on how to scan a computer for virus, you can easily post any request you have on the appropiate section on Nairaland and surely within a short period of time Nairalanders would tell you what to do.

4. Bloggers or webmasters can use the forum to drive targeted Nigerian traffic to their blog or website.

5. There are numerous active users on Nairaland so you can advertise your products and services easily on this platform.

6. If you need new friends who you can have open and helpful discussion with you can also find some on Nairaland.

7. You can also make money on Nairaland buy selling your products on the platform. You can also advertise you skill and in turn get employers from Nairaland.

8. You can get jobs on this platform as vacancies in Nigeria are frequently posted on Nairaland Job section.

9. If you want to share pictures, videos or audio file and trying to get more view for these, using Nairaland would also be good for you.

10.You are free to learn endless list of new different useful knowlegde on Nairaland from the different tutorials been posted on the platform daily.

With Nairaland forum having a considerable number of users based in diaspora, this statistic suggests that a maximum 3% of Nigerian Internet users are registered on the forum.

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