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PertafloSIM: Software that measure the flow of oil and gas from it origin to destination

By Nurudeen Adeyemi













As I previously mentioned that the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) has installed trackers to track every petroleum product coming into Nigeria to the point of sale, Indonesia state-owned oil company PT.Pertamina (Persero) also did a similar thing except that Pertamina didn’t buy the trackers as we did, they designed software called PertafloSIM.

PertafloSIM is designed by Pertamina’s engineers and technicians in cooperation with Research Consortium OPPINET of the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Indonesia and the software is to measure the flow of oil and gas through its pipelines from wells to the point of sale and Pertamina is developing pipeline networks across a wide range of oil and gas blocks, which the software will significantly support efficiency in the upstream sector.

Also, Pertamina has software for the downstream called Smart Mobile Tank (Smart MT), to monitor fuel distribution and consumption but Pertamina and PT Telkom Indonesia has signed MoU to design another device for the downstream called INTANK, a remote tank-monitoring system that made possible anytime monitoring of fuel inventories and consumption.

Though this is the first time NNPC will install trackers, NNPC should look inward and design devices, it can partner with local firms.

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