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How Indonesia government used discounts and promotions to decrease the non-voters rates during the last election

By Nurudeen Adeyemi, Indonesia  /  20th April, 2019


President Joko Widodo claimed victory while Prabowo Subianto also claimed victory, but the official result will be announced on May 22, however, what I found interesting in Indonesian election on Wednesday was that as Indonesians exercise their right to vote, they enjoy a range of discounts and promotions from products to services.

In a bid to increase the voter turnout during the election, Indonesian Ministry of communication and information collaborated with several of the country’s business associations to give a wide range of discounts and promotions to voters, what the customers have to do to get the special prices were to show their purple-inked fingers as proof they had voted in Wednesday’s election.

Some business offers up to 50% discounts for products and services, even some customers obtained free admission to tourist sites, though Election Day was declared a public holiday yet department stores, restaurants etc. opened.

The aims for the wide range of discounts and promotions was to decrease the number of nonvoters and to allow the public to reunite with friends and family without having to worry about their political differences, in which some seized that opportunity while some worried about their political differences.

Maybe we can adopt this initiative in Nigeria.

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