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Indonesian General Election, 2019


By Nurudeen Adeyemi


From April 8 to 14, 2 million voters will cast their vote at 783 overseas polling stations located in 130 Indonesian embassies and consulates around the world while on April 17, 190.8 million voters will cast their vote at 809,500 polling stations across 34 provinces for the 2019 Indonesian general election.

Over 84 million Nigerians were supposed to vote at 119, 973 polling units across Nigeria during the 2019 general election, while Indonesia will be having 809,500 polling units for 190.8 million voters. Tell me how the turnout of Indonesia election would be impressed?

My community ” Ketintang Baru” has 12 blocks and each block has about 40 houses and there is going to be 7 polling units within the community on election day, this is the way to make voters have easy access to polling units without a fear or stress, likewise, it’s the way to have an impressive turnout during the voting period and one of those things I found interesting about the Indonesian election is that the Commission that’s responsible for holding the election would hire people within the community of the polling units to conduct the elections, also, party agents are hired within the community of the polling unit, though they will be trained and party agents are party supporters within the community.

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