Tejumade Afonja, a young software innovator building an AI community in Lagos

Tejumade Afonja, a graduate with Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology. After her university education she started learning how to code. She had the opportunity to work closely with the machine learning expert on the team to help build the natural language model of the bot. She is currently an AI Engineer at InstaDeep in Nigeria.

Tejumade Ajonja to where she is today because she has a drive to not only continuously learn, but to also continuously prove that women can be in the forefront of technology. As Tejumade continues to gain more skills and further her own pursuit of understanding artificial intelligence (AI) she is also working to promote building up the AI community, for both men and women, in Nigeria.

Her project: AI Saturdays (AI6)

AI Saturdays (AI6) is a 14-week global initiative organized by the brilliant people from AI Saturdays Lagos is a community of AI enthusiasts which she co-organized with Femi Azeez. At AI6 Lagos, they share a common goal of advancing our knowledge about artificial intelligence and kick-ass in AI by synergizing every Saturday for 16 weeks to nurture knowledge about AI.

credit : Intel Developer Zone
AI Saturdays (AI6) Training Sessions

AI Saturdays (AI6) Training Model

Each week AI Saturdays (AI6) they will go through deep learning materials through, discuss what they learned over lunch, and then go through Stanford’s convolutional neural networks for visual recognition (CS231n) followed by looking at research papers from Stanford, and they end with team discussions. All of this helps the group to get more familiar with different AI topics, get comfortable reading research papers, and better understand deep learning topics.

Tejumade dreams for AI in Nigeria

She believes that, the use the knowledge of AI can solve some of the most challenging problems in Nigeria which include traffic control, government accountability, power supply, and better infrastructure.


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