Presidency: Indeed, Almajiri Poses Security Challenge. It’ll Ultimately Be Abrogated, But Not Immediately

The President Muhammadu Buhari administration Friday concurred with the general view that “the Almajiri phenomenon represents a security challenge and a scar on the face of Northern Nigeria.”

The Federal Government, however, added that contrary to the widely reported news, the ultimate proscription of the Almajiri system of education remains a priority but not for an immediate implementation.

“The abrogation of the Almajiri (Qur’anic learning system associated with begging on economic and religious grounds peculiar to some northern states) system of education remains an objective but there is no immediate ban of it,” the Federal Government clarified in a statement by a presidential media aide, Garba Shehu.

The Presidency called for “caution in responses to the pronouncements by President Buhari on free and compulsory basic education for every child of primary and junior secondary school age in Nigeria, during his speech on June 20, at the inauguration of the National Economic Council (NEC).”

The Presidency noted that “while the Buhari administration is committed to free and compulsory education as a long-term objective of bringing to an end, the phenomenon of out-of-school children, any necessary ban on Almajiri would follow due process and consultation with relevant authorities.”

According to the statement, “Indeed, the Federal Government wants a situation where every child of primary school age is in school rather than begging on the streets during school hours.

“At the same time, we don’t want to create panic or a backlash.

“Reports that there are plans for massive arrest of parents are definitely out of place. Things have to be done the right and considerate way.

“Free and compulsory primary school education is a requirement of the Nigerian constitution and any individual or group not in compliance with this is violating the law of the land and liable to be punished.”

Shehu added: “But in addition to relevant consultations, state governors need to put in place structures like schools and educational materials for pupils; otherwise, they also, are complicit in violating the law of the land.”

In his speech at the inauguration of NEC, Buhari stated, without equivocation, that the country’s children have rights and must be given their due rights and protection under the law.

The President said: “On education, I want to stress in particular the need to take very seriously and enforce very rigorously the statutory provisions on free and compulsory basic education. Section 18(3) of the 1999 Constitution as amended places on all of us here an obligation to eradicate illiteracy and provide free and compulsory education.

“Section 2 of the Compulsory, Free Universal Basic Education Act provides that every Government in Nigeria shall provide free, compulsory and universal basic education for every child of primary and junior secondary school age.

‘‘It is indeed a crime for any parent to keep his child out of school for this period. In my view, when a government fails to provide the schools, teachers and teaching materials necessary for basic education, it is actually aiding and abetting that crime.

“This is, therefore, a call to action. I would like to see every Governor rise from this meeting and rally his local Government Chairmen towards ensuring that our schools offer the right opportunities and provide the needed materials and teachers for basic education, at the minimum.

‘‘If we are able to do this, the benefits will surely manifest themselves.”

Shehu said the statement by the remarks by the President Buhari was well within the law of Nigeria.

US tensions with Iran

The Yankees woke up Friday morning to the news President Trump nearly took them to war by calling off a military strike on Iran just 10 minutes before it was supposed to be carried out. The strike was in retaliation for Tehran shooting down a US drone.

President Trump is having a trade war with China, which is dragging on economic growth not just in the US and China, but globally even Apple which is currently the largest corporate taxpayer in the US is pleading with President Trump for China trade war truce that its tax contributions would be badly damaged by tariffs on its China-produced goods and President Trump wants to go to war with Iran. Is that the way to make America great again?

President Trump has no political or military experience, that’s why he is turning the world upside down. Arabian Peninsula is the world’s largest peninsula and Oil is a particularly strong export of the region in which OPEC countries hold nearly 82% of the world’s crude oil reserves of which 65% from that region. Hope you can comprehend what will happen if Trump goes to war with Iran. The good news is that US airlines have now been banned by the FAA from flying over the area where the drone was shot down.

To save the world from Trump’s war, the Yankees have to reject Trump at the poll in 2020.

Koosha Azim: Creator Mindset Video

I always preach that it is important for people to be positive about themselves and be optimistic when in adversity. In the following LinkedIn video, Koosha Azim explains the idea of a Victim and Creator Mindset.

Having a Creator mindset helps in both business settings and with the rest of daily lives. Contrastingly, a Victim mindset could potentially hurt relationships and hurt mental health.

To learn more about Koosha Azim, check out his blog on his personal website.

Omo-Agege Appoints Igbuzor as Chief of Staff; Odunuga and Owoeye as Media Aides

Deputy Senate President, Ovie 0mo-Agege, Thursday approved the appointments of Otive Igbuzor as his Chief of Staff; and Yomi Odunuga as the Special Adviser on Media and Publicity.

The Deputy Senate President also announced the appointment of Lara Owoeye-Wise as his Senior Special Assistant on Electronic and New Media.

Omo-Agege, in a statement he personally signed, explained that the appointments which take immediate effect are based on merit.

Igbuzor is Founding Executive Director of the African Centre for Leadership, Strategy and Development (Centre LSD). He was once the International Head of campaigns of ActionAid International and Country Director of ActionAid Nigeria. He was also an honourable Commissioner in the Police Service Commission (PSC).

He was a Programme Co-ordinator of Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD), an independent research, information and training institution, dedicated to policy oriented scholarship on questions of democratic development and peace building in the West African sub-region. Previously, he was a lecturer at the Delta State University, Lagos Centre. He is a versatile writer, researcher and author of several publications.

Odunuga is the Abuja Bureau Chief and Deputy Editor (Nation’s Capital) of The Nation newspapers.

Odunuga, a poet, lyricist, reporter and columnist, started his journalism career with The Punch newspaper over two decades ago. He was, for several years, the State House Correspondent of the paper where he maintained two columns – Life in Abuja and the popular weekend treat called Inside Aso Rock.

His insightful and critical analysis of the intriguing politics of that period earned him accolades and recognition which later saw him being promoted to the position of Abuja Bureau Chief at The Punch.

In 2006, he was elevated to the position of Group Political Editor of The Punch. He later joined The Nation as an Assistant Editor and Bureau Chief in Abuja.

At The Nation, his rested The Punch newspaper column, Knuckles, transformed into Knucklehead which offers him the opportunity to continue his weekly interrogation and critique of the socio-political developments in the polity.

A graduate of Religion and philosophy from the University of Jos, Plateau State, Owoeye-Wise is a multiple award-winning journalist whose experience has spanned over two decades and has spread between the print and the electronic media.

She has worked at The Punch, The News Magazine, AM News and Tempo tabloids. She crossed over to the electronic media as a pioneer staff for Silverbird TV, a pioneer staff of the resuscitated Minaj Broadcast International and was Deputy Head of Presentation, Senior News Editor, news anchor and chief correspondent at Africa Independent Television, AIT before her appointment as Senior Assistant, Media to the immediate past Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Lara has had a working stint with the Voice of American, Washington DC and KSTP Channel 5, Minnesota.

Join FasterCapital As  Female Entrepreneur

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Creating something out of nothing in Indonesia

In Bojong Menteng subdistrict, Bekasi, West Java, the local residents collaborate with authorities to turn a lake into an aesthetically pleasing and affordable tourist spot, in which one does not need to pay to enter the lake area except for bamboo rafts which are available for rent and cost 70Udisability for adults and 35US cents for children above 3 years old while infants and people with disabilities, they are free.


Most of the visitors were women and their children, who walked about the rafts as their mothers took pictures, taking selfies at the gazebos and piers and by the lake’s main sign, which is made of recycled plastic bottles.


On of those things, I found passionate about Indonesians is that they can create something out of nothing regards wealth creation, their mind is similar to Chinese even one of the names I called my wife is “Chinese woman, “she looks more of a Chinese but she is a Javanese (the largest ethnic group in Indonesia).


The number of visitors on average varied from 500 on weekdays to 1,000 on weekends. There are a lot of similar initiatives across Indonesia, which have created jobs for the locals, likewise, a riverside village was turned into an amazing rainbow village in Malang, which attract both foreign and local tourists. This was initiated by students.